Wastewater Recovery

Biogas Production

Turn Anaerobic Digester Wastewater Streams into Revenue Streams

ThermoEnergy’s Thermo ARP™ high-efficiency ammonia removal and recovery system is an unbeatable option for operators of anaerobic digesters at dairy and cattle farms who want  to both comply with nitrogen regulations and recover ammonia as a valuable product. Thermo ARP recycles the ammonia in anaerobic digester wastewater into ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate for the production of valuable fertilizers and industrial products. Thermo ARP is energy efficient, extremely robust, and compact - - suitable for even rugged field conditions

Thermo ARP™ has significant cost advantages for operators of anaerobic digesters wanting to reduce their nitrogen load. Thermo ARP™ is especially suited for use with anaerobic digesters where the wastewater stream may require a simpler treatment strategy for ammonia removal.   At these sites, Thermo ARP™ reduces chemical pre-treatment by approximately 70% while lowering energy consumption.