Wastewater Recovery

Aircraft Deicing Fluid Recovery - Glycol Recycling

Looming EPA regulations on the clean-up and recovery of Aircraft Deicing Fluids (ADF) have a lot of airports and airline carriers concerned about when and what actions need to be taken -- if any. ThermoEnergy’s Thermo ADF Recovery and Glycol Recycling System can make future EPA ADF regulations a non-issue, and at the same time, reduce the cost of aircraft deicing by 25-50%.

Glycol is 98% of your ADF formulation. ThermoEnergy’s ADF Glycol Recovery and Recycling System can economically separate and recover glycol at concentrations of 1% or higher from your spent ADF and storm water. The system recovers your spent glycol at a quality that meets ASTM and GM specifications. By recovering glycol, you can also avoid high discharge costs to the sanitary sewer or high transport and disposal costs of your storm water. ThermoEnergy ADF Glycol Recovery and Recycling Systems offer a simple payback of two years or less and can reduce your ADF costs between 25% and 50% significantly lowering the cost of your deicing operations.

ThermoEnergy’s ADF Glycol Recovery Systems meet final (or proposed) EPA ADF Regulations. The system is easily to operate, has a high uptime, and requires little maintenance. And with a small footprint, it can be installed on the airport or off-site.

ThermoEnergy will provide engineering and installation support, and will work with your Airport staff and engineer. Since our systems are skid mounted, we can quickly fabricate and install a working system in just a few months.

See video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJjnmns2jnk&feature=channel&list=UL