Wastewater Recovery

Oil and Gas Hydrofracking Wastewater Treatment

Frack Water Generation and Wastewater Treatment and Recovery in Oil & Gas Hydrofracking

ThermoEnergy’s TurboFrac® technology is a cost effective solution to recover hydrofracking wastewater (contaminated produced water and flow-back water) created by the hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) of oil and gas wells, and recycle it into clean, usable water. In addition to recovering usable water for reuse in fracking operations, the TurboFrac  system can concentrate the chemicals and other impurities for recycling or safe, cost-efficient disposal.

The use of hydrofracking to recover oil and gas from shale and conventional deposits requires billions of gallons of fresh water each year. A single well can use as much as several million gallons or more. Environmental groups and government agencies have been putting fracking operations under increased scrutiny as drought conditions continue to prevail in some oil and gas producing regions of the country. In regions where freshwater is in scarce supply, particularly in drought years, water must be trucked in at considerable expense including the cost of the water and the transportation and fuel required for delivery.

Across the U.S., there are considerable reserves of lower-quality water that is buried deep in aquifers. Presently, these water sources contain too much brine and other impurities to be used in fracking. ThermoEnergy’s FracGen® systems provide an economical and effective solution to upgrade brine laden water that is available in local, deep aquifers.

Where fresh water is scarce, deploying ThermoEnergy FracGen systems to recover useable water from local aquifers saves millions of dollars that would have to be spent on purchasing and trucking in fresh water from distant locations, and would protect and extend potable water supplies in locations where usable water is locally available.